New OPPO R17 Pro gets the incredibly quick Super VOOC Fast Charging! 40% in 10 minutes

OPPO just gave us a very big reason to the get the OPPO R17 Pro that was announced a few minutes ago! The OPPO R17 Pro will come with support for the incredibly quick Super VOOC fast charging that was so far exclusive to the incredibly expensive OPPO Find X Lamborghini edition.


Back when the OPPO Find X was announced, we hoped that we would see Super VOOC in the company’s first true flagship in a couple of years. We did get this tech but it was unfortunately limited to the Find X Lamborghini edition. Considering how this particular special edition costs EUR 1,699 (~$1970), it was out of the reach of regular smartphone users. But now, with Super VOOC on the OPPO R17 Pro, incredibly fast charging just got a lot cheaper for customers.

In case you are wondering why this is such a big deal, then know that Super VOOC can charge your phone to nearly 40% in just 10 minutes! Thats as fast as you can get on a smartphone in 2018. Imagine you have like 10% charge before you head to the office. By the time you have your breakfast, the phone will be up to 50%! In day to day usage, it’ll make a big difference.

The Super VOOC fast charging tech is safe as well. TUV Rheinland has given safety certification to this fast charging technology and the company was quick to explain that the tech has undergone rigorous battery and charging cycle test to ensure that its safe for daily use. Considering how Super VOOC boosts the charging power to a massive 50W (10V 5A), this certification was indeed necessary to confirm its safe for use.

With Super VOOC, OPPO R17 Pro just got a lot more enticing for customers. What’s your take?